NDT Coin

NDT is the native coin of NEXDEX, which will be mined over a period of ~5 years (75 epochs) starting from the launch of the mainnet through the Trading Reward and Open Liquidity Program mechanisms.

To begin with, NEXDEX deliberately created only one coin, which increases the liquidity of the exchange, promotes steady growth in trading volume and open interest, and allows stakers to share in the distribution of all fees earned by the exchange.


  • NDT intended for investors can be sold for more than 1 round. However, after each round, investor tokens will be locked for 1 year, followed by a 2-year vesting period.

  • Over the course of 75 epochs (~5 years), 3,800,000 NDT will be emitted every epoch, of which 2,800,000 NDT will be paid out as part of the Trading Reward, and 1,000,000 NDT as part of the Open Liquidity Program. That is, 57% of the coins will be mined in 5 years through user payouts, while stimulating trading activity, increasing liquidity and decentralization of the NEXDEX Chain.

  • 1 Trading Reward epoch equals 25 days.

NDT cannot be considered as a regular exchange coin, it is much more than that. By staking NDT you get a share of 100% of all network and trading fees earned by the exchange.


  • Trade-to-earn: Trade as usual and receive Trading Rewards at the end of each week!

  • Full mining will be completed in ~5 years.

  • Limited supply of 500 000 000 NDT.

  • Network fee coin.

  • NDT staking provides the opportunity to participate in the distribution of all the exchange revenue.

  • Owning NDT, a essentially volatile coin, allows you to receive a stablecoin (Staking Reward paid in USDT+NDT). This is a great way to preserve your investment regardless of market trends, whether bullish or bearish.

  • Staking contributes to reducing the available supply.

  • Trading Reward incentivizes trader activity.

  • Open Liquidity Program incentivizes the growth of liquidity and open interest.

  • Trading and Staking Rewards hedge the risks of your trades. If your trading week turns out to be unprofitable, the Trading and Staking Rewards payouts at the end of the week can partially or fully offset your losses!

Immediately after the launch of the mainnet, we will actively start integrating new markets. This is guaranteed to increase the scalability of fees collection and lead to a noticeable increase in Staking Rewards. NEXDEX's mission is to create a central DEX that will diversify NDT holders' revenues across different markets.

More collected fees -> higher Staking Reward payouts -> increased demand for the NDT -> more staked NDT -> reduced circulating supply -> higher chances of long-term growth for NDT compared to other assets.

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