User's workflow

Step 1. Connect your wallet

Network: Ethereum Mainnet

Supported integrations: Metamask, Trust Wallet, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet

Step 2. Sign to enable trading

Step 3. Deposit USDT

Even if you don't have USDT on hand, you can use the integrated bridge to quickly swap your available assets for USDT at the best rates.

Step 4. Start trading

Go to the trading terminal and place your first order. How to open a position is explained here.

At the beginning, all deposited USDT is your Available margin for opening and maintaining positions. As soon as you have an open position, the Available margin value will change. More about Used and Available margin is explained here.

Read the state how to minimize a liquidation risk

Step 5. Receive NDT from the Trading Reward

Every week on Sunday at 12:00 UTC, you will receive Trading Reward based on the amount of trading fees paid. In other words, you receive free NDT tokens every week for your trading activity. Learn more

Payout asset: NDT

You can find the interim percentage of your reward in the Portfolio -> Overview section:

Through the Trading Reward, 56% of the total NDT supply will be mined during the first 250 weeks (~5 years) after the mainnet launch.

Step 6. Stake your NDT

The received Trading Reward will go to your NDT Wallet under the "Available" category.

Under the wallets, find the "Staking" section and delegate your NDT to NEXDEX Chain validators. Click the "Stake" button next to the chosen validator, enter the amount of NDT in the pop-up window, and click "Confirm":

Staking helps reinforce the decentralization and security of the NEXDEX Chain, generously rewarding both stakers and the validators themselves. All 100% of network and trading fees go to the NEXDEX Chain validators, who then distribute them among their stakers based on the stake share.

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Step 7. Receive USDT + NDT from the Staking Reward

Since 100% of network fees (in NDT) and trading fees (in USDT) go to NEXDEX Chain validators, stakers receive their rewards in both assets: NDT and USDT. As NEXDEX Chain blocks have a high issuance speed (~900 milliseconds), the distribution of fees (Staking Reward) occurs with each block.

Therefore, your Staking Rewards will be accumulating dynamically in the "Rewards NDT" and "Rewards USDT" fields. Click "Claim" to transfer the received rewards to your wallets under the "Available" category:

Payout assets: USDT + NDT

By staking NDT, you get a share of the entire revenue of the exchange. The payout size depends on the share of tokens staked and the uptime of the validators in which you have staked. If your validators have a ~100% uptime, that means they are barely missing blocks and you'll be consistently earning rewards.

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Step 8. Hedge you trading risks

As you've already understood, by continuing to trade in your usual way, you secure two rewards for yourself. The first depends on the amount of fees paid during the week (Trading Reward), and the second depends on the amount of NDT staked (Staking Reward).

With these two rewards that you receive for free, you can quickly build a powerful risk management mechanism. Even if your trading week turns out to be unprofitable, Trading and Staking Rewards can partially or completely offset your losses.

Step 9. Crypto Pension

As sweet as it may sound, in the case of NEXDEX, you're setting yourself up for a guaranteed stable income in USDT for the future.

In the traditional understanding of trading, you can trade for years and build up your capital, and that's where your relationship with exchanges ends. However, when trading on NEXDEX, in addition to your trading results, you're adding much more guarantees for a brighter future in the form of Staking Reward. That's why we recommend as many traders as possible to maximize their free NDT through Trading Reward in the first 5 years after the mainnet launch.

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