Position overview

Under the chart in the trading terminal, only positions with the status "Open" and "Pending" are displayed. This was done in order to avoid mixing current positions with closed ones:

The history of all positions (Pending, Open, Closed, Liquidated, ADL, Canceled) can be found in the Portfolio -> Overview section:

Special attention has been given to the position structure because in the case of NEXDEX, it looks a bit different compared to other exchanges. We are confident that once you embrace this new perspective on positions, you will surely find it to be much more effective than anywhere else.

Position statuses

There are 7 types of position statuses:

  • Pending

  • Open

  • Closed (Profit)

  • Closed (Loss)

  • Liquidated

  • Closed by ADL

  • Cancelled

The badge color for each status is as follows:

Collapsed position

General view

  1. Market name. Clicking on the market will take you to it in the trading terminal.

  2. Actual leverage obtained when opening the position. Since the order can be executed with a deviation due to market fluctuations, the leverage may deviate slightly from what was set when placing the order.

  3. Position status.

  4. Key position details such as Side (Long/Short), Size, Liquidation Price, Margin, and Margin Usage.

  5. Progress bar. Our distinctive solution, enhancing your understanding of the position result.

  6. Functional elements.

If at any point you can't understand the value of a specific indicator, simply hover over it (or tap the nearby question mark icon in the mobile app) to open a tooltip with a description.

Progress bar

  1. When a position is "Open", the progress bar starts from the center (Entry price) and moves either to the right when there's profit (green) or to the left when there's a loss (orange) as the price changes:

  1. If no Stop Loss order is set, by default, the left endpoint will be the Liquidation Price:

  1. If a Stop Loss is set, the Stop Loss price will be displayed instead of the Liquidation Price:

  1. If a position is currently in profit and the progress bar is moving to the right, but no Take Profit order is set, the progress bar will be gradient, as it is not possible to display the endpoint it is aiming for:

  1. If a position is "Pending", the gray progress bar moves not from the middle, but toward the middle from the side where the price currently is. For example, if you placed an order to open a position at a price of $1000, but the current price is $1100, in that case, the progress bar will move from the right towards the middle.

  2. If the position is "Closed", the progress bar turns gray and stays at the values where the position was closed:

Functional elements

All "Open" positions have 3 functional elements:

  • Market - close the entire position with a market order in one click.

  • Share - share the results of the position.

  • SL/TP - set Stop Loss, Take Profit orders, and partially or fully close the position by market. How to do this is explained here.

Positions with "Pending" status have only 1 functional element - Cancel, which cancels the position's opening and all related orders.

All closed positions (Liquidated, Closed, ADL) have only 1 functional element - Share, so that even after closure, you can always share their results.

Share position results

NEXDEX is a truly decentralized, open-source solution. Any user can verify the accuracy of the data you show when you share your position. Just scan the QR code in the image with the results and visit your public profile on NEXDEX to confirm their authenticity:

Expanded position

A position is always in a collapsed state by default. Clicking anywhere in the position area will expand it:

The first expansion

During the first expansion, you will see 2 tabs:

  • Orders - a list of all orders associated with this position (including canceled orders):

  • Funding - a list of all funding payments associated with this position:

The second expansion

The second time, you can expand the position to see detailed information about the order. Click on the "+" symbol to the left of the order to view all related trades, order configuration at placement, PNL, trading fees, TIF, and more.

To the right of each order, its status is indicated by an icon:

The decision to gather all trading information within the position itself helped us solve the problem of scattered content, which can complicate user navigation. We concluded that there was no need to create separate sections for order history or funding payment history because they can be mixed up and not provide maximum utility when presented separately. By consolidating all the information within the position, you can be sure that you won't miss anything.

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