Rank was created so that all NEXDEX users can maximize the full openness of the exchange. This will certainly help beginner traders to improve their trading skills, and for those with phenomenal results, it will inevitably add a “Bonus to Karma” (besides the basic Trading and Staking Reward bonuses, of course). Win-Win!

There are 3 types of Rankings:

1. Trading

A list of all traders, by default formed by PNL for the last 7 days. You can sort the list of traders by all trading indicators: trading volume, Profit/Loss ratio, PNL. You can also select the time interval for more accuracy.

2. Staking

In this ranking, all NDT stakers are sorted by stake size and Staking Reward received in 24 hours:

3.Trading Reward

This ranking is created so that each user can easily see their results relative to other traders by the amount of fees paid, as well as find out the preliminary percentage of the upcoming Trading Reward payout:

Trading Reward payouts take place every Sunday at 12:00 UTC. The results will dynamically change throughout the upcoming week, as trades are closed every second, which affects the intermediate result of the Reward Share indicator.

“Find me” button

Press the 'Find me' button in the "Staking" and "Trading Reward" rankings to see your position among other participants and how much you need to catch up to receive rewards from higher ranks:

Public user profile

In any of the three rankings, you can access a user’s profile and track all of their trading and revenue information. Add the best performing NEXDEX traders to your favorites list and learn to trade from the best while building your experience and capital:

What data the user page contains:

  1. History of all open and closed positions.

  2. All time Profit/Loss ratio.

  3. All time Trading volume.

  4. All time realized PNL.

  5. The amount of the total Trading and Staking Rewards.

By the way, clicking on any position allows you to see comprehensive information about it in a similar format as you would view your own position, including all orders and funding payments. Analyze to the maximum!


Enable "Rank" type push notifications in your mobile app and stay informed when traders from your "Favorites" list open positions.

As you can see, we managed to use full openness only as an advantage. And users, as a bonus, got another great product in the form of Ranking. Now you have the opportunity to gain more trading experience by watching the best. And most importantly, you get the opportunity to enhance your performance as a trader or investor just by watching the others.

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