Available, Used Margin and PNL

Margin is the amount of funds reserved in your USDT wallet for opening and maintaining open positions, as well as covering potential losses that may arise during trading.

Learn more about what Cross and Isolated margin are.

The margin currently being used is called Used Margin, and the margin available for opening new positions is called Available Margin.

Used Margin

The aggregate amount of margin taken to support all open positions. For positions with Isolated Margin, this indicator will not exceed the initial margin taken to open positions (except if you add margin yourself). For Cross Margin positions it is total initial margin taken to maintain open positions + additional margin taken from "Available" in case of full utilization of initial margin.

If your positions are opened in cross margin mode, even one losing position can completely exhaust the Available Margin of your wallet.

Thus, the liquidation price of such positions already includes the margin of other parallelly opened Cross margin positions, their unrealized PNL, as well as the entire Available Margin of the wallet.

Available Margin

Available Margin = USDT Wallet Balance - Used Margin. It is the available amount of USDT that can be used to open new positions as well as to cover losses of Cross margin positions, if they have exhausted the initial margin.

By the way, Staking Reward constantly pays you USDT. Therefore, if your positions have a negative PNL, such a payout can come in handy and save them from liquidation.

Unrealized PNL (Profit and Loss)

Unrealized PNL of a position = (Mark price - Entry price) * Position size

In cases where unrealized PNL reaches -100%, your Isolated Margin position is subject to liquidation. The PNL percentage is indicated relative to the margin of the position. However, in the case of Cross Margin positions, unrealized PNL can drop below -100% if the initial margin is exhausted and the position is forced to use more margin to remain open.

In such a case, it's recommended to pay more attention to the Margin Usage indicator, rather than the PNL of the position itself. The Margin Usage indicator includes the sum of the initial margin of all Cross Margin positions + the sum of their unrealized PNL + Available Margin of the wallet. That is, a Cross Margin position can exhaust its initial margin, however, it will remain open by utilizing the initial margin of parallel open Cross Margin positions and Available Margin (free USDT on the wallet) in case of exhaustion of the entire initial margin of the remaining Cross Margin positions.

When loss-making Cross Margin positions have fully utilized their initial margin, they begin to use the Available Margin.

Be cautious when withdrawing USDT!

When your Cross Margin positions are in significant loss, withdrawing USDT will decrease the Available Margin value, moving the liquidation price closer.

To swiftly navigate through positions and make timely decisions, a scale has been developed that clearly indicates whether your position is in profit or loss:

Don't forget to set a Stop Loss and be cautious with high leverage!

Where can I monitor the values of Used, Available margin, and PNL?

These values are always at your fingertips and can be found in the terminal right in the position creation section:

And also at the beginning of the Overview section:

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