How to adjust Leverage?

To enhance the Buying Power of traders, the option to trade perpetual futures with leverage was introduced. On NEXDEX, the maximum available leverage is 30x, which can be used in BTC-USDT and ETH-USDT contracts. For other contracts, the size of the maximum leverage can vary based on market volatility and liquidity criteria.

To find out the maximum available leverage for a specific contract, go to the trading terminal under the Details tab or click on the leverage settings button on the right side of the terminal:

To adhere to risk management and reduce potential pressure on the Last Price, a maximum order limit has been set based on the chosen leverage. As the platform scales and liquidity in the order book grows, the maximum order size will always be adjusted. It's in this window that you set the leverage suitable for you:

Remember, the higher the leverage, the sooner the platform calculates the liquidation price to comply with risk management policies. We strongly recommend reading the article that thoroughly describes all factors influencing the liquidation process.

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