Trading Reward

Trading Reward is the reward paid in NDT to traders every epoch (25 days) at 12:00 pm (UTC) base on the amount of trading fees paid. For example, if the total trading fees you paid over the epoch amounted to 1% of the total fees paid, then your reward will be equal to 1% of the distributed amount of NDT. Thus, over 75 epochs (~5 years), 42% (210mil.) of the coin issue will be mined at a rate of 2,800,000 NDT per epoch.

The amount of fees paid by day can be found in the "Portfolio" -> "Metrics" section:

Where does the Trading Reward go?

Trading Reward is automatically credited to your NDT wallet in the "Available" category after distribution every epoch (25 days) at 12:00 pm (UTC):

Please note that, to reduce blockchain load, the crediting of the received NDT might take some time.

The most efficient use of the NDT received is, of course, staking them.


  1. NDT mining method.

  2. To stimulate the trading activity of NEXDEX traders.

  3. To enable traders to hedge losses when trading derivatives. If your trading week turns out to be unprofitable, the Trading Reward payout at the end of the week can partially or fully offset your losses.

  4. Gives you the opportunity to potentially reach a crypto retirement, as cheesy as that sounds. Having a robust NDT token, essentially earned for free through trading, already provides significant opportunities. However, the subsequent staking of NDT amplifies these possibilities.

  5. Boosting loyalty to the exchange. You trade as you are used to, in a professional, advanced terminal, while receiving free tokens.

Where to watch the upcoming Trading Reward?

Just go to the “Portfolio” -> “Overview” section. A Trading Reward window (blue) shows the current reward from the upcoming distribution. This figure is not final, as trades are closed every second and the results of paid fees change for each trader:

Ranking and what is it for?

If you want to know the intermediate results among all traders, all you need to do is to go to the Ranking section and select the Trading Reward tab:

In the list shown, you will be able to see everyone who is above you and how much trading fees you still have to catch up with in order to surpass those above you and get a bigger share of the upcoming reward. This kind of transparency will of course create a competitive effect among traders, and will lead to:

  • For especially active ones it will be a great tool to show higher results and take the desired reward.

  • Increased trading activity -> Increased trading volume of the exchange -> increased collection of trading fees -> increased Staking Rewards.

  • More tokens will end up in the hands of an audience more interested in keeping them rather than selling them quickly.

Click on any user in the list to view their performance metrics and position history, including open positions. For beginners, the full openness of NEXDEX is a great way to analyze how professional users trade.

If you’re an active trader and aim to generate considerable profits that might even surpass your trading successes, it’s advisable to maximize your Trading Reward payouts in the initial 5 years. Whether to sell the received NDT or stake them and continue receiving an extremely stable Staking Reward is up to you to decide.


To view the dynamics of Trading Reward payouts by weeks, navigate to the respective chart:

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