Cross and Isolated Margin

There are two types of margins on NEXDEX: Cross and Isolated.

Cross Margin

All open Cross Margin positions use a single margin balance, which includes the margin used to open positions and the available margin in your USDT Wallet. This type of margin lets you use your funds more efficiently, but if one open position gets liquidated, it can lead to the liquidation of all others and run out your available USDT balance.

The Margin Usage indicator for all open Cross Margin positions will be the same since they share a single margin balance (the sum of the initial margin of all positions + the sum of the unrealized PNL + Available Margin of the wallet).

Isolated Margin

Opening a position with Isolated Margin allows you to have more control over potential losses. In the event of liquidation, the maximum loss will be equal to the margin used to open the position. In this mode, you can always add more margin to move the liquidation price.

You can always add margin to an already open Isolated margin position. To do this, go to the position and click on the "+" next to the Margin value:

In the window that appears, enter the amount of margin you want to add. Below you will see the new Adjusted Liquidation price value, and if it suits you, click "Confirm":

Important Notes:

  1. All contracts and positions are set to Cross Margin mode by default.

  2. Changing the margin mode will only affect the selected contract.

  3. You cannot change the margin mode if you have open orders or positions in this contract.

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