As NEXDEX Chain is specifically designed for building decentralized exchanges with an order book, all trading occurs directly on-chain. This means that if you place any order, it will be executed by the NEXDEX Chain nodes. Consequently, all trading fees paid by traders in USDT are directed straight to the validators similar to network fees.

The responsibility for all network fees is taken care of by the developers team, you only pay trading fees!

Hence, by signing a block, a validator receives two types of fees:

  • Network fees in NDT. 100% of all network fees (in NDT) are distributed among NDT stakers.

  • Trading fees in USDT. 100% of trading fees (in USDT) are distributed among NDT and AXM stakers: 50% to NDT stakers and 50% to AXM stakers.

What is AXM and the Axiome project?

AXM is another L1 project from the NEXDEX developers, whose main task is to build a scalable ecosystem of advanced DeFi solutions, including NEXDEX, constantly increasing rewards for AXM coin stakers.

From day one, there are 5 ways to earn rewards in Axiome:

  1. Mining new AXM for up to 20% as staking rewards.

  2. Share of Axiome Chain network fees as staking rewards.

  3. Partnership program.

  4. Leadership bonuses. Those who actively participate in the partnership program and scale the Axiome community receive additional rewards weekly. 5,000,000 AXM were staked for this purpose from the start, and all staking rewards earned by this wallet are distributed weekly among users.

  5. Block validation. Sign blocks, mine new AXM for delegators, and earn your fees.

+ With the launch of NEXDEX, AXM stakers will also start receiving 50% of all exchange trading fees directly in the Axiome Wallet app.

The key task of Axiome is to scale the community for all our DeFi projects by paying generous staking rewards to AXM holders. All ecosystem projects, such as NEXDEX, share part of their rewards with AXM stakers in exchange for the most loyal and active Axiome audience, which is growing rapidly.


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Distribution example

Let us take an example where we have 10 validators with equal staking power and a commission rate of 1%. Assume also that the number of network fees collected per block is 1000 NDT and that each validator has 20% of self-bonded NDT. These tokens do not go directly to the proposer. Instead, they are evenly spread among validators. So now each validator’s pool has 100 NDT. These 100 NDT will be distributed according to each participant’s stake:

  • Commission: 100*80%*1% = 0.8 NDT. The validator charges a commission of 1% from the rewards earned by his delegators.

  • Validator gets: 100*20% + Commission (0.8) = 20.8 NDT.

  • All delegators get: 100*80% - Commission = 79.2 NDT

Then, each delegator can claim its part of the 79.2 NDT in proportion to their stake in the validator’s staking pool. The distribution of trading fees collected (in USDT) in the block will be done in the same way.

Staking stimulates the growth of decentralization in the NEXDEX Chain, reduces the free circulation of NDT, and provides all NEXDEX users with a super stable method of reward! Staking is a great way to preserve your investment regardless of market trends, whether bullish or bearish.

How to Stake NDT?

1. Go to "Wallet" and under "Staking" section select validator:

2. In front of the selected validator, press the "Stake" button:

3. Enter the NDT amount and click "Confirm":

Done! Right after this, you will start receiving Staking Rewards. You can stake in several validators at once. In terms of Staking Rewards averaging this will be much more efficient.

All actions carried out through the NEXDEX Chain interface do not incur network fees, this responsibility has been assumed by the development team.

Users pay network fees when interacting directly with the NEXDEX Chain and when depositing or withdrawing USDT/NDT (in Ethereum).

How to undelegate or redelegate my NDT?


1. Click "Unbound" next to the chosen validator:

2. Enter the amount of NDT to be undelegated, and then click "Confirm":

Undelegating takes 7 days, and during this period, no Staking Rewards are accrued from the unlocked amount. The "Unbounded" section will display the amount of NDT and the date of its unlocking. If multiple unbound actions are performed at different times, the "Unbounded" field will indicate the date of the last one:


1. Click on "Redelegate" next to the validator you're moving the stake from:

2. Select the validator to whom you are redelegating your stake and enter the amount of NDT:

In the case of redelegation, you will immediately start earning staking rewards from the new validator. However, the unbounding of these tokens and redelegation from the new validator will only be available after 7 days.

Where does the Staking Reward go?

The staking reward is highly dynamic due to the high block generation speed in NEXDEX Chain (~900 milliseconds). Therefore, Staking Rewards accumulate continuously in the "USDT Rewards" and "NDT Rewards" sections. Click "Claim" right below each reward type and transfer them to your USDT and NDT wallets in the "Available" category.

Rewards claim is available once a day. Since all network fees are paid by the developers, this restriction was created solely to reduce fees costs. However, if you want to claim your rewards more than once a day, you can send the transaction directly to the NEXDEX Chain and pay the network fees yourself.

To provide an approximate staking income, the "Average APR" field has been added. Average Annual Percentage Rate recalculates daily, considering the returns of all validators for the past 7 days. In reality, it may vary slightly due to changes in network activity dynamics:

Ranking and what is it for?

If you want to check the results of all users staking NDT, simply go to the "Ranking" section and select the "Share Reward" tab. In the displayed list, you'll see users sorted by the size of their stake and their Staking Rewards (in NDT and USDT) for the last 24 hours. This transparency naturally creates competition, motivating users to stake more NDT to receive a larger share of the fees collected by validators.

Click on any user in the list to view their performance metrics and position history, including open positions. For beginners, the full openness of NEXDEX is a great way to analyze how professional users trade.


  1. To increase the security and scaling of the NEXDEX Chain.

  2. Steady source of income.

  3. To offer NEXDEX traders a continuous opportunity to hedge losses while trading perpetual contracts.

  4. To reduce the free circulation of NDT.

  5. To enhance demand for NDT.

  6. To attract long-term investors who are genuinely interested in NEXDEX.

  7. Helps to create a strong foundation.

Immediately after the launch of the mainnet, developers will actively start integrating new markets. This is guaranteed to increase the scalability of fees collection and lead to a noticeable increase in Staking Rewards.


To view the dynamics of Staking Reward payouts by days, navigate to the respective chart:

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